E3: Splosion Man first to offer Avatar Accessories this Summer?

e309-splosionmanMicrosoft teased us with an Avatar Marketplace at their press conference Monday, saying that it would be available this fall alongside game-exclusive Avatar accessories, but a new Xbox.com game page may have revealed that it’s a little closer than expected. Being the generous, caring developers that they are, Twisted Pixel has been sure to reward players with more than just Achievements and downloadable content for their games, throwing in exclusive themes and gamerpics to boot.

Their latest game, Splosion Man, one of this Summer’s Xbox Live Arcade releases, may be the first to dish out exclusive accessories for our Avatars. There’s still no official release date but it’ll definitely be out this Summer and that’s a whole lot closer than Fall when it comes to shiny new things to stick in our Avatars’ hands.

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