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Take that blight!

Alistair / Zevran <3

Image by melanieeatsghosts via Flickr

I finished my first game of Dragon Age origins on xbox 360 last night. It was bittersweet in so many ways.   I’m mad at Alistair because he acted as though we were never a couple.  Lame.  I wanted to be his queen, Grey Warden or not.  The credits are forever though and loop what seemed like two songs the whole time, a sweet song that fit the style and some modern song that made Shawn look over and ask “Is that in your game?”  I could’ve taken three poops, prepared a meal, or read a book with how long those credits were.  lol

This morning I started a new game as a city elf female rogue.  Already the story is compelling! I’ve immediately gotten into it and can’t wait to play again, which surprises me. So maybe this time I can break Alistair’s heart?  Something tells me it won’t give me the options for that.   Yeah, I’m bitter.

Games, Games, Games!

US box art for Katamari Forever

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For holiday gifts I got Katamari Forever & Sims 3 World Adventures expansion!  I’ve started both and both are fun.  Katamari Forever is basically Beautiful Katamari redone in cell-shading for PS3.  It’s fun, and some things are different, but mostly it’s a game I’ve already played the crap out of.  Don’t get me wrong, I could roll forever.  Sims 3 World Adventures expansion, like the expansions for Sims 2, adds to the basic game.  Now you can go on vacation to Egypt, China or France.  There are tasks when you get there and the amount of time you are able to stay grows as you complete the tasks.  I took a 3 day trip to China with my family, but that’s all so far.

In Dragon Age, Alistair broke up with me.  I got him to be King and he dumps me.  I have to put that aside though, I have an archdemon to kill.

New Year’s resolution/Dragon Age Origins Grey Warden


Have You ever Licked a Lamp Post in Winter?

Shawn had a suggestion to me that he intends to pose to Maxx & Chad, if he hasn’t already,  that we all write here more often.  I sometimes find it daunting because Shawn writes elaborate articles & reviews more than I choose to take time for, or have skill for.  He’s good at it, he’s much more of a writer than I am.  Any writing I once was able to do I have lost from lack of practice in anything other than tweets, text messaging and blogging!  So, his suggestion was that we’d make short posts just to say what we were playing, maybe with an image, to keep a log as well as flesh out the blog.  I say great idea!  That appeals to me greatly.  Also I do not believe in New Year’s resolutions.  If I resolve to do something I do it next chance I get and don’t wait to pull the page off my Cute Overload page-a-day calendar.Grey Warden

So there you have it, I intend to be more active here starting now.  This past weekend we had plans to see some of my family Sunday, but my sister was sick and we’ve postponed until later.  We spent most of Saturday cleaning the apartment, which is lovely now, and Sunday became gaming day!  I spent all day playing Dragon Age Origins.

For anyone not listening to the podcast, I originally played it on PC, but rented the xbox 360 version and preferred it.  I just bought it used off our friend, Rob, last Friday.  Huzzah! It is mine forever!  Currently I am playing through as a female Human warrior.  Here’s a photo I took to email to my Dad of my character…Alistair didn’t have a chance against her beauty & strength.

This game has drawn out a dormant fangirl in me to a scary level (poor Shawn is so tolerant).  I have collected fanart from Aimo and even stuck print outs on my wall at work.  Any others playing DAO?  Love it!