Take that blight!

Alistair / Zevran <3

Image by melanieeatsghosts via Flickr

I finished my first game of Dragon Age origins on xbox 360 last night. It was bittersweet in so many ways.   I’m mad at Alistair because he acted as though we were never a couple.  Lame.  I wanted to be his queen, Grey Warden or not.  The credits are forever though and loop what seemed like two songs the whole time, a sweet song that fit the style and some modern song that made Shawn look over and ask “Is that in your game?”  I could’ve taken three poops, prepared a meal, or read a book with how long those credits were.  lol

This morning I started a new game as a city elf female rogue.  Already the story is compelling! I’ve immediately gotten into it and can’t wait to play again, which surprises me. So maybe this time I can break Alistair’s heart?  Something tells me it won’t give me the options for that.   Yeah, I’m bitter.

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