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Video Game actors cheat sheet

The first video game actor I remember becoming a fan of is Raphael Sbarge. His character in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, Carth Onasi, was a slight crush for me and his voice acting played a great role in that. I never tried to find out who the actor was until I watched Shawn playing Mass Effect and heard that voice as Kaidan Alenko. That was also what got me interested in trying a game I might not have tried otherwise. Since then I look up all the video game actors I like. I follow them on social media if they have one and I follow them from game to game. Part of the problem is, my memory is getting worse for some trivial things like who played who in a video game, which in part may be because the face I put with the voice is not their own.

I kept thinking I should make myself a cheat sheet and I figured I would post it here in case anyone else finds it interesting, so bare with me for how selective I am about who is listed. If I have incorrect info please let me know. This will be on-going as I move through games. I will try to keep it alphabetical by actor’s first name for now. I am also breaking this up into multiple pages, so check the page links at the bottom to see the rest.

Ali Hillis: Liara T’Soni of Mass effect Series, Scout Lace Harding in Dragon Age Inquisition, Lightning Farron in various Final Fantasy games & much more. IMDB


Pay for an Actor Shoutout with Cameo

Pay for an Actor Shoutout with Cameo

Back when Dragon Age Inquisition came out, before the fans creeped me out and I had to back away, voice actors from the game were very active and popular on social media. I especially remember Greg Ellis (Cullen) and Steve Valentine (Alistair) interacting frequently with fans, but that may be because those are the two I personally was paying attention to.

Ellis was recording phone notifications for free as Cullen. The three files I saved have the following dialog: “Inquisitor, you have a message…OH! Andraste’s tits!“, “Maker’s breath, answer the phone. This is ridiculous.“, and “Can it wait? I’m in the middle of some trebuchet calibrations… Did you just touch my bottom? This is ridiculous oh I’ve fallen down!” The fans were greatly amused, as was I. Valentine saw the potential and did something along the same lines, but behind a paywall of some type that I can’t recall now.

Why am I bringing this up five years later? First off, that was the start of my interest in following the voice actors, and now motion capture actors, from the games I love. More interestingly the service to get these types of personalized audio/video clips from video game actors, musicians, athletes, and more is now a real thing. So we don’t have to hope the actors are willing to take time for free, we can pay them for a birthday wish or whatever else (within reason).

Cameo.com is the site that I found out about from actors in Red Dead Redemption 2 posting on social media. Their site says “Cameo is a platform where fans can book personalized video shoutouts from their favorite celebrities, athletes, or influencers. Our mission is to create the most authentic and memorable fan experiences in the world.”

Here’s a list for you of some game actors I have found:

  1. Roger Clark – Arthur Morgan in Red Dead Redemption 2
  2. Kaili Vernoff – Susan Grimshaw in RDR2 and Miranda Cowan in GTA5
  3. Peter Blomquist -Micah Bell in Red Dead Redemption 2
  4. Rob Wiethoff – John Marston in the Red Dead Redemption series
  5. Meeya Davis – Tilly Jackson in Red Dead Redemption 2
  6. Raphael Sbarge – Kaidan Alenko in Mass Effect series
  7. Ned Luke – Michael De Santa in GTA5
  8. Steve Valentine – Alistair Theirin in Dragon Age series (I’d bet this is due to me tweeting to him repeatedly about it)
  9. Jennifer Hale – Commander Shepard in Mass Effect Series
  10. Steve Blum – Oghren in Dragon Age
  11. NEW! Greg Ellis – Cullen in Dragon Age & Anders in Origins Awakenings

I tried searching for others like Greg Ellis, Steve Valentine, Jennifer Hale, but did not find them. If anyone finds more game actors please comment and I will add to this list! Take time to check out the previously recorded items on their pages, it’s entertaining.

Almost Done Playing: Dragon Age: Origins

Sadly, yet thankfully, I have finally reached the end of my Dragon Age journey. Well, nearly reached the end. In a very rare occurrence, I went to bed early last night. Super early. Like, soon as I got home from work, I laid down and was out for the night. That kind of early. That led to me waking up around 4:00 am this morning. Knowing that I could possibly finish Dragon Age before having to go back to work, I tempted fate and loaded it up. Had I not taken the time to eat a bagel, I probably could have finished it. Unfortunately, I had to quit just as I was about to face the final (presumably) enemy. Just when the getting was good!

It’s been a pretty great journey. One that I anticipate taking again and again just to see the different origins, play the different classes, and see the alternate outcomes my actions could have caused. I’m satisfied with the decisions I’ve made thus far. There have been some really weighty, difficult decisions the game has forced me to make. Decisions with no clear “right” answer. There was a particularly difficult one I had to make right before the climax that made me think for several minutes before I committed to an answer. I’m hesitant to see what the result of that will be. Knowing how things typically turn out in this game, I’m sure things are going to go horribly wrong.

This was enjoyable

The fact that things do usually end up going badly is kind of the only real flaw I can fault the game for. I love the dark, things don’t always turn out rosy, sensibility of the game. But after 70+ hours of things happening like that, the shock value of people dying, turning evil, etc., loses almost all of its effect. It ends up being more shocking when people who you think are evil turn out to maybe not be so bad after all (I still killed someone like that regardless; better safe than sorry).

This was awkward

In just a few more hours, I get to see how the game ends. I already know one of the main characters is going to leave my party by the end of it. It isn’t Alistair. At least, it won’t only be Alistair. He seems to want to see this through alongside me, which is great because he’s been one of the most useful characters in my party throughout the whole game. The person who I was told will leave hasn’t been useful to me at all, but it will still suck if she goes. Sorry to be vague, but I don’t want to spoil anything! Expect at least one post to follow this one by tomorrow, talking about what I thought of the game in general (but still without spoilers).

Take that blight!

Alistair / Zevran <3

Image by melanieeatsghosts via Flickr

I finished my first game of Dragon Age origins on xbox 360 last night. It was bittersweet in so many ways.   I’m mad at Alistair because he acted as though we were never a couple.  Lame.  I wanted to be his queen, Grey Warden or not.  The credits are forever though and loop what seemed like two songs the whole time, a sweet song that fit the style and some modern song that made Shawn look over and ask “Is that in your game?”  I could’ve taken three poops, prepared a meal, or read a book with how long those credits were.  lol

This morning I started a new game as a city elf female rogue.  Already the story is compelling! I’ve immediately gotten into it and can’t wait to play again, which surprises me. So maybe this time I can break Alistair’s heart?  Something tells me it won’t give me the options for that.   Yeah, I’m bitter.

Games, Games, Games!

US box art for Katamari Forever

Image via Wikipedia

For holiday gifts I got Katamari Forever & Sims 3 World Adventures expansion!  I’ve started both and both are fun.  Katamari Forever is basically Beautiful Katamari redone in cell-shading for PS3.  It’s fun, and some things are different, but mostly it’s a game I’ve already played the crap out of.  Don’t get me wrong, I could roll forever.  Sims 3 World Adventures expansion, like the expansions for Sims 2, adds to the basic game.  Now you can go on vacation to Egypt, China or France.  There are tasks when you get there and the amount of time you are able to stay grows as you complete the tasks.  I took a 3 day trip to China with my family, but that’s all so far.

In Dragon Age, Alistair broke up with me.  I got him to be King and he dumps me.  I have to put that aside though, I have an archdemon to kill.