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The Boy who ROCKED!

The Boy who ROCKED!

We finally got ahold of Rock Band 2 from GameFly and have spent the afternoon recreating our magical band — Dumbledore’s Army — from the original and working through World Tour mode. They improved a lot of the nagging difficulty and pointless challenge that kept us from getting far in the original and I like how it feels more free form now. I also like how it pulls your downloaded songs into World Tour mode; I was surprised to see Freezepop’s Sprode show up as a random mystery song alongside Fleetwood Mac.

As I expected, it feels more like the Rock Band that I always wanted and I really should pick up the disc used somewhere sometime soon and import the old songs. I just wish more of the songs in Rock Band 2 were good, or at least familiar. I’ve come to love a lot of the classic rock songs from the original and so far nothing has felt as catchy to me in Rock Band 2. But my body finally caught up and after several hours I just couldn’t strum along or kick out the beat any more and had to stop. That’s when I found out that Harmonix has totally redone and you can pose and take photos of your characters and bandmates. I can’t wait to play more, I just need some time to rest.

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  • I love what all they’ve done with the RB website. Did you know you can even have action figures made from your characters? I’d love to do it, but it’s not cheap. Like $60 or so for one to be made. Still, it’s awesome they have that feature.

    I don’t mind the songs in RB2. I don’t like them any more or less than the ones from RB1. Since I imported my RB1 songs to RB2, it just seems like one game with a massive list of songs to choose from. All of the songs I’ve downloaded (Rush!!!) have made the list even larger. There aren’t enough good words I could say about the RB games.

  • Do you have the photo hotlinked from It doesn’t show up here at work and that site is blocked.

  • ShawnS

    It isn’t now! 😉