Xbox Media Centre just won’t Die… and it’s Awesome!

I know Xbox Media Centre has expanded beyond the console it was originally designed for but there are still folks using it as a Home Theatre PC and this latest skin by Team Blackbolt looks way more modern than the crusty old XBlock that it’s running on. I don’t know if I’m prepared to update mine since the consoles, TV, and computers are already in the same room but it’s a dazzling looking interface for sure.

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  • I was just talking about XBMC to a coworker yesterday. I wish I could get it working on the 360 or PS3 without modding. I loved having it on the Xbox. If only that machine could handle HD video better, I’d still use it daily.

    • ShawnS

      It’s actually available for PC, Mac, and Linux but that’d require building a whole new computer. It would be awesome if they’d make it available on the 360 or PS3 as an application but they’d never let it supplant their own shoddy media handling, sadly.

  • You could do what I am doing and build a media center for around $700. It records up to 4 video sources (2 in Over the air HD)plus hold all my music and movies.

    Now I am in the process of setting up an export script to convert all the recorded TV to video files accessible by the 360. Then I just set up a SMB share between the computer and the 360 and all my digital media is served to my living room.

    • … wow! More likely I’d just try to update XBMC on my old Xbox, get stumped on xml scripts and give up. hehe

      • Wish I had $700 to spare right now. Sounds like a pretty sweet setup you have going.

        I think someday I’ll get one of those media… box… things (don’t know if there’s an agreed upon formal word to describe them)… Western Digital has one for around $200 if I recall. Plays pretty much every video/audio/image format out there, up to 1080p. Doesn’t come with any storage though, so you need an external drive or have it stream stuff over your network.