Open plea to Harmonix, creators of Dance central

I originally posted this on my personal Tumblr blog while GameLuv was down, but now that Shawn got the site working again (Thanks Shawn!!) I thought I should repost this here. I am serious about this, if this existed, I would S rank that shit or at least have the most hours of playing EVER!

Dear Harmonix,

Dance Central is a marvelous step in the evolution of dance games. I hope it and the Kinect succeed so the tech for future dance games gets even better. The move away from a dance pad is the step needed to make dance games more enjoyable, feel more like dancing, and be grasped by a larger audience.

My plea is for a Kpop version of Dance Central with actual choreography of the artists. Learning the dances of the latest Kpop song is huge in Korea with everything from instructional youtube videos to pc “games” like Audition Online. If I could learn the dances of popular Korean songs in a Dance Central game format I would surely learn quickly or at least love every second I tried. Even if it was a Korean release, if it would play on my USA Xbox360, I would import that faster than you could convert the currency. I believe I am not alone in my feelings about the content of this game as an American. There are more Kpop fanatics outside of Korea than people probably think.



SHINee dance

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  • My cousins’ kids (early high school age) love learning the dances off of YouTube, so I definitely agree that this is a bigger market than many would suspect. I know I was surprised to learn about it.

  • GameTrader

    I want Kpop in DC too!

    • yay! You even made a screen shot mock up, that’s so great! Maybe this could happen!!

      • GameTrader.SG

        hope harmonix is listening to this:)

  • i would recommend petitioning or giving out links to the public to write to harmonic about it.if more people do this then they cant say no can they?
    btw loving your use of shinee here =D

  • Temy_kravitz

    i wish, a dance central vercion kpop 🙂

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  • Klptran

    I would soooo buy it!

  • Grace Chan

    I really want a few Kpop songs for Dance Central 2. Maybe an expansion pack or just some songs for DLC.

    I know I want it but I think there’s enough of a market for Harmonix to go ahead and do something about it – while making a good bit of cash out of it. 

    Yeah Xbox isn’t massive in Korea, so it would be mainly americans and europeans buying the game but the Korean wave is starting to hit the world I think. Korea is becoming the new Japan for asian obscure trendy. 

    Big Bang (Kpop dance/hip hop band) just won The European MTV Music awards for best World Act this year. SNSD aka Girls Generation released their first single in the US this year – The Boys – which is completely in English. Sony Music are pushing hard to get their Korean acts to break into the western world with their SM Town gigs in New York, Las Vegas and Paris. So seems like Sony Music and Korea in general would be all for more Kpop exposure into the western world.

    As for Kpop itself. The dances are already rockin so, no need to try and choreograph something to the songs. They’re pretty much ready to go. Some of the dances are mega hard, and thus could be used as the equivalent of Dragonforce on Guitar Hero. An obscure and insanely difficult track.

    So Dear Harmonix – Make some Kpop tracks for Dance Central! I’ll throw my money at you.

  • A Muzik Y

    you hit it right on the money katy. me and my cousins beat the game after owning it for 2 days we loved it so much. all i could think while playing is how much more time i would invest if there was kpop dances. lol no one really dances more skillfully then the kpop groups and dance troups. they should sign a contract with Black Queen or something as a reference.

  • SamAnaya2010

    i agree! i would love it if they had a game with some kpop dances! i wanna learn them soo bad i can taste it!

  • Shoujoupdates

    I want kpop on DC too

  • Moonlight_714

    LA wants it toi 🙂

  • Coolhampster32


  • mikedo2007

    I believe it’ll happen, K-pop is getting more popular and PSY’s Gangnam style has already appeared on Just Dance 4:

    I think I recall 2NE1 appearing on Dance Central

    Yes I think a Just Dance: K-pop version could be unevitable, I can say the same for Dance Central: K-pop vesion. I would love to see Wonder Girl, Girls Generation, Super Junior, Big Bang, and other great K-pop on a dancing video game. K-pop is getting more popularity around the world and I think it’s the right time to release a dance game dedicated to K-pop.

  • We’re getting a little closer with K-Pop Dance Festival for the Wii. I just posted about it ( and wanted to let everyone who commented on this post know about it!

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