Our first year on Xbox Live


Here in this day where downloadable games get as big a push as retail releases and their price tags (and content) continue to swell, I sometimes forget what it was like in the early days. I’ve been digging through my Xbox download history, looking for games that have been delisted from the service, and managed to scroll all the way back to 2006.

We were a little late getting an Xbox 360 and didn’t get online until September of ‘06 when we promptly purchased the requisite Geometry Wars and Bejeweled (in which I still have zero achievements). Katy was into the time-management of Outpost Kaloki X and I was excited (however briefly) for a console version of Lumines. Even by today’s standards Lumines Live’s DLC packs are egregiously excessive. Upward of $20 in add-ons that bring such amazing features like ‘computer opponents’ and ‘puzzle mode’. I admit, I bought a few of them before growing tired of the game. The rest of our first year? Movie trailers and a Dynasty Warriors 5 picture pack. Groundbreaking strides in online ecosystems, eh?

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  • Lew

    I’m trying to remember if you could even purchase content via Xbox Live before the 360 came out, because my account only goes back to March 2006 even though I had Live on the original Xbox as well.

    Anyway, most of my earliest stuff is tracks for Guitar Hero games. There was also N+ and Geometry Wars, too. 

    • It was the very end of days on the old Xbox but you could. There was an Xbox Live Arcade that had Ms. Pac-Man and maybe four or five other games. I can’t remember any others but it was there, briefly.

    • Oh, and the other thing about back then that I hate is all the original Xbox Live accounts got carried forward so ShawnS is forever taken even though the guy hasn’t logged on in like, 10 years!