XNA Devs now have Pricing Control: Several Prices now Slashed

XNPlay just posted about a new change to the Xbox 360’s Community Games program: pricing control. Publishers on the indie channel now have the ability to change their prices (for better or worse) after they’ve been released and several titles have dropped significantly. Take a look below and hit the title to read XNPlay’s reviews if you’re unfamiliar with the games. I’m not on the fence about any of them but it’s great that the Community Games channel is continuing to evolve. Maybe one day I won’t feel the need to post about every little change because it’ll be right there in the NXE’s Spotlight for all to see.

Game Was Now
Cosmos 400 200
Easy Golf 800 400
Writer’s Block 400 200
Fireplace 400 200
Tail Gun Charlie 400 200
Retro One 400 200
Drift 400 200
Abstacked 200 400!
RPaints 400 200
Crystal Crush 400 200
Bomber Boing 400 200

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