Tonight on Unsloved Mystery: The Adventures of Shuggy

It’s not Halloween but here’s a spooky tale about one of Xbox Live Arcade’s shadowy secrets. The Adventures of Shuggy has been in the works from Smudged Cat Games since at least 2007. A publishing deal was struck with Valcon Games in 2009 to bring it to Xbox Live Arcade but the game and its Marketplace page (complete with screens and a trailer) have sat dormant since May of 2010.

Meanwhile, the game sounds fantastic as a mash-up of every 2D side-scrolling gameplay device in recent memory coupled with a great art style.Β Many levels introduce new mechanics like rotating the screen around Shuggy, playing with multiple time-delayed copies of yourself, winding a physics-based rope through the level, guiding a zombie version of Shuggy, racing against obstacles and more. Check out the video above to see the GDC 2010 demo of the game and rest assured that I’ll post any news about Shuggy (not to be confused with Nintendo’s Shiggy) as soon as I hear it!

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