“Hardcore is the Niche” says PopCap Co-Founder, and he’s right

I meant to post this closer to that casual talk from last week but this is still good stuff. On the latest Gamers With Jobs conference call the gang had Jason Kapalka, one of the co-founders and creative director of PopCap Games on to talk about casual and core stuff. At about 46 minutes in he blew my head by saying that “everybody plays casual games [and] the real sub genre, the niche, is hardcore games… [it’s just] that the niche has been the dominant one in [gaming] for at least the last couple decades.”

It strikes me as one of those unsaid truths that we all have probably acknowledged but never really talked about, it was just mind blowing to hear someone say it aloud. I don’t have much else to add without some feedback so let’s talk it up in the comments. What do you think?

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