Survey Says! Sony wants to know what You think about PS3


Gee, who paid for this survey? Though loads of questions are about “how you feel about video games” it ends up being all about the PlayStation 3 and how I view it. Surprisingly, not as bad as a year or two ago. I still watch almost all my movies on it (Netflix Instant Watch aside), feel there’s loads more power to be harnessed inside, and generally like the more relaxed control over PlayStation Network. Some of my favorite experimental indie-type games have been on PSN where all I can think of on Xbox 360 is Braid. The price cut can only help but there are still just a few PS3 exclusives worth recommending to people. Is it too late for Sony to dominate another generation of gaming? If these things really are going to stick around for another five years there is time but they’ll have to come up with more than mildly clever ad campaigns and comparable price points to do it.

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