Are you going to USB your 360?

I’ve had an Xbox 360 Memory Unit for a while now to ferry our profiles and saves back and forth between the two units and with all this USB talk I’ve been thinking about changing up. But do I spend the extra billz for a 16gb flash drive or just use one of the many, many 2-4gb sticks we’ve got lying around? I was curious to see if I could keep full game installs on a USB stick for Mass Effect, Katamari, and other stuff that Katy and I both want to play so I did what any modern human would do, I asked Twitter.

Specifically I asked @XboxSupport because they’re an awesome resource to get your questions answered. Even better than Google, they sent me directly to a page with all the details including this handy chart that I found useful enough to pass on. Anyone else thinking about utilizing a USB drive for wrangling personal Xbox data? I have a Master Chief Mimobot that I won from being awesome all over NfamousGamers that I may finally crack open. It seems appropriate, even though I don’t like Halo.

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