Beyond Good (left) and Evil (right) Cover Art

Ubisoft, what’s the deal with Beyond Good and Evil HD‘s fanart-ish new cover? What was so horribly wrong with the original? I get that the game didn’t sell well in 2003 and you might be thinking it was due to a perceived “lack of action” presented by the box shot. So maybe you wanna jazz it up for the re-release, really drive home that it’s about a girl… with a stick… and, a pig man… being chased by sky cops. Yeah, that’ll help?

The game remains fantastic, a real gem that doesn’t feel as out of place playing it today as most of its contemporaries of the time, but I really, really hate looking at that image every time I’m about to start it up. I would even have bought the Premium Theme to support the game but it’s based on this awkward new art. Errgh, I have to post this already, I can’t stand looking at it any longer.

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