Tiny (Nakatomi) Tower

I was a little wary of NimbleBit‘s Tiny Tower when I first saw it previewed on Touch Arcade back in March. Cute pixel art wins me over every time but to date I haven’t really enjoyed the freemium style, time management, ‘ville-like gameplay. That’s largely because we have the wifi-only iPad and my job is geographically situated in a perfect faraday cage. So I always wind up coming home to a game that’s screaming for my attention and winds up falling apart by the same time the next day.

Regardless, I decided to give Tiny Tower a shot over the long holiday weekend and it’s developed quite the grasp on me and Katy. Because we share the same iTunes account and the game synched to her iPod she wound up giving it a try too and is planning her own obsessive artistic tribute. Mine is a lot simpler and sillier. See, every time I’ve got a few floors under construction at the top of my tower I always picture scenes from ‘Die Hard‘, with John McClane yelling wildly over the radio for help and Hans Gruber’s goons, led by Karl, closing in. And now you too can see what’s in my mind’s eye after a few haphazard hours with Photoshop!

*Over the course of writing this post I generated, like, 8,000 coins and 15 Tower Bux. Now I just need a construction worker VIP to show up and help with the 24th floor!



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