Arcade Pinball is a pinball table about video games

First there was pinball, then there were video games, then there were video game versions of physical pinball machines and now there’s a video game that’s a digital version of a physical pinball machine that’s based on video games. It’s been done before but Gameprom’s latest table for their Pinball HD app is quite the loving homage to both pinball and video games.

Arcade Pinball pays tribute to Tetris, Q-Bert, Snake, Space Invaders, Spy Hunter, and Breakout all on one table with multiple play fields and one massive screen where several minigames take place. It looks pretty amazing and serves as a reminder for Pinball HD itself which I’d kinda forgotten about. The Android version requires a Tegra device so that rules out my meager phone. I can only hope our original iPad can handle it.

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