Send your phone to heaven… if you dare


I know now how my old phone will die: playing S.M.T.H. Send Me To Heaven is a terrifying Android game that was deemed too dangerous for release on iOS. The concept is simple; S.M.T.H. uses your phone’s various motion sensors to gauge how high you’ve just thrown it. With the goal of “sending it to Heaven” you can image that your frightened little toss of a few inches isn’t going to net you a very high spot on the leaderboards. Indeed, I didn’t dare toss my Galaxy S4 very high at all just now.

It’s one of those clever uses (abuses?) of technology that’s only possible on a mobile device and I love the terror that comes built in with the concept. It also gets a nod for its glaring black-on-yellow design that looks like a safety warning sign. Send Me To Heaven is free on the Play Store so it won’t cost you a thing to risk having to buy a new phone!

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