BREAKING: L’Oreal Xbox App Sunsetting August 30th


I’ll bet not many of you remember ‘L’Oreal: The Next Thing Application’ on Xbox Live… and that’s probably why the thing is shutting down at the end of the month. Last August Microsoft appeared to be pushing the Kinect as an adver-game delivery system, powering app/game/ad things like Intel Discovered, Mars Rover Landing, and Stride’s Micro Lab Challenge.

Amidst those releases was this thing from L’Oreal. Intrigued by what kind of Achievements a cosmetics app would give out, I queued up the download but was stopped at the front door. My Avatar is male and that’s an immediate red flag in L’Oreal town so I was unceremoniously denied access. I never got to check out what L’Oreal’s next thing was but this incident (if it’s even worth calling it such a thing) probably makes for a more memorable story.

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