FAQ reveals Xbox One Indie Games progress?


We got an Xbox One over the weekend thanks to Maxx and so I’ve been spending my morning digging into the Xbox.com FAQs for all the console’s peculiar functionality. I got up the section about snapping the Activity Feed when I spotted the screenshot above. Weird, those games between Forza and Kinect Sports Rivals sure do look like Xbox Indie Games. We know that retail Xboxes can be used for development and that Microsoft has a “vision for enabling everyone with an Xbox One to be a creator” but this makes it look much farther along.

I googled Marble Maze: Best Ever Edition and happened upon the YouTube channel of sinih8r who has posted clips of Marble Maze, a game called Beat Drop and another called Reflex Demo. All of these are a familiar thirty seconds long, the same length as the more recent Ryse: Son of Rome Game DVR clips on their channel. Along with a quick glimpse of a Gold-only multiplayer menu, the Marble Maze clip points to the Xbox Gamertag HalcyonTribble whose profile sports the Kinect Launch Team badge.

Put it all together and… well, it could just be a series of internal test software that loads faster than full-sized retail games. Or it could point to the fantastic possibility of Baby Maker Extreme on Xbox One! I really do hope it’s a sign that Microsoft is much closer to an Indie Games-sized effort on the new Xbox than they’ve let on about. Also, I really wanna play that Beat Drop game, it looks pretty rad.

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