This Week on YouTube: A Spelunky series begins

I’ve got some stuff in the works but this week was pretty slow on YouTube. Tuesday, as usual, we took to R-Type Command for Part 54 (Overlooking Earth). This one was a total cakewalk which can only mean the next three and final missions are going to be a struggle.

Just today I posted the first in what could be my next longest running series; the City of Gold or Bust run in Spelunky. For those who don’t know it takes a lot of luck, skill and patience to reach the gilded level and even more of those three things to take advantage of it. I didn’t make it in this inaugural installment but don’t worry, we’ll get there… one of these days. I streamed this one on Twitch and may do the same with upcoming episodes so if you haven’t done so yet, follow along with my rarely-used Twitch channel.

Over on Katy’s channel she’s begun posting some of her time with Infinite Undiscovery and continued her Hometown Story series with Part Five.

Worth Watching
Elsewhere on YouTube, you can now use your unique “earprint” to unlock your Android phone, watch Mega64 send up the astounding functionality of the Xbox One, and get hit with Basil Poledouris’ ‘Anvil of Crom’ from Conan.

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