RantPost: Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe

Blow off the week’s stress with our Friday rant posts! What happens in RantPost, stays in RantPost so feel free to vent your frustrations at the topic of choice without fear of (too much) persecution. Lay on the sarcasm, ignite your mild concerns, fan the flames of your fandom! I’ll start but please don’t just reply to me.

I actually feel pretty underwhelmed by this one. I haven’t cared for a Mortal Kombat game since MK4 and the only ones I ever really liked were the original and the spin-off Shaolin Monks. So seeing MK try to revitalize itself by teaming up with a licensed property is more like jumping a coffin over a shark tank while a glitzy Vegas chorus line sings a jazzed up rendition of “Prepare Yourself”. The finale? Sub-Zero in a one-piece leotard doing the Flashdance thing with a bucket of blood instead of water.

As extravagant as that sounds, even the absurd visualizations of my imagination makes me yawn at the thought of another Mortal Kombat. I’ll take a look and play a demo (if they release one) just to see the DC characters get dragged down a notch or two but I’m not going any closer to this one.

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