RantPost: Xbox Live

Blow off the week’s stress with our Friday rant posts! What happens in RantPost, stays in RantPost so feel free to vent your frustrations at the topic of choice without fear of (too much) persecution. Lay on the sarcasm, ignite your mild concerns, fan the flames of your fandom! I’ll start but please don’t just reply to me.

Seriously, I love the Xbox 360 and Xbox Live, but I hate them too. Like any good dysfunctional relationship worth trying to save, I’ve had countless problems with both but now that we finally got our old hard drive migrated to the 120gb Elite model things have been pushed to the limit. I’d be fine with redownloading some lost or corrupt games but we’re now locked out of Xbox Live Arcade titles that either of us purchased.

We bought Carcassonne and Feeding Frenzy on ShangXiang’s account so now I can’t play them. The same is true for her and all the games I’ve bought. The only solution this side of a drawn out super-bitch-rant to Microsoft? Buying the games all over again. Never mind that anyone in the world can see that we have unlocked Achievements in these now-forbidden games and that we’ve never moved our Profiles from the original hard drive until now. Unforgivable!

I’m also getting mighty tired of how controlling Microsoft is in regards to Xbox Live content. The quality vs. quantity excuse went right into the can when that inexcusably bad Rocky & Bullwinkle game was granted a release. Get over yourselves and give us more games! Nintendo’s Virtual Console already has more than double the games on Xbox Live Arcade with hundreds more (including original offerings) to come via the WiiWare Channel. You’d think they’d want to give us more opportunities to spend money.

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