This Week on YouTube: Summer Games, Watch Dogs, Trials Frontier

Kicking off this week was a direct-feed look at some of Trials Frontier on Android. I’ve posted about the game a few times as I continue playing it but figured out how to use ADB’s screen capture feature to record a few runs right from my phone. Virtual Hydlide on Hard Mode continued this week with Part 2 and then I uploaded a few quick clips and about an hour of screwing around with Watch Dogs.

In slightly bigger news I started my Summer Games Series this past Saturday where I’ll be spending a little time with some games that remind me of the season. Golf, beaches, extreme sports, maritime racing, that sort of stuff. There’s a ton more to come but the game that really planted the idea in my head was Outlaw Golf. So check out some terrible golfing and Steve Carell’s fantastic commentary and look for a new installment tomorrow!

Katy’s channel has gotten a hot injection of Dragon Age 2 (Part 1, 2, 3) which she’s finally started playing through. It’s good timing as Dragon Age: Inquisition is coming out soon. There’s another Style Savvy Trendsetters costume design session, more Disney Magical World and another Jo’s Organic Dream Coffee.

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