Metal Gear Fan adds more Metal Gear to Ground Zeroes

When Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes first launched people couldn’t help but jump all over it saying “Look, look, this isn’t weird like the other Metal Gear games, Kojima’s lost it!!!”. I admit, you have to dig a ways to get to the weird stuff but when you get there it’s like taking a bite of a chocolate chip cookie and realizing there’s caramel in the middle, and marshmallow fluff, and nougat, and shrimp?

The “Deja Vu” mission is what I’m talking about in particular, a bonus mission you only unlock by tracking down a set of collectibles. While it is 1,000% fan service and filled with callbacks to the original Metal Gear Solid it still kinda doesn’t sit right. Keifer delivers a couple classic lines like he has no clue and though you can swap the skins on Big Boss and the guards for low-poly, PlayStation copies you’re still running around the gritty, Cuban torture facility.

What’s a Metal Gear fan to do? If you’re Cosy Connoisseur, you mod the PC version of Ground Zeroes to lock the camera to an isometric perspective and then edit a few runs together with classic sound effects and music. Even though he “wouldn’t recommend actually trying to play this way” it makes for a more authentic “Deja Vu” mission than Kojima himself created.

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