Of 2015: The Might’ve Been Cools


A new category this year for some of the games I didn’t have the time, energy or money to dive into. I mostly try to get through one game at a time so there’s a lot of stuff that gets pushed to the side. Here’s a few of them to serve as a handy checklist for myself in 2016 and beyond, if I should ever be lacking something to play.


Deception IV: The Nightmare Princess (PlayStation 4)
A lot like the Dark Souls and Metro games, Deception has always been a series I’ve appreciated but never gotten into at the right moment to really get hooked. Playing a demo of Deception IV nearly had me with its bizarre dialog and even more bizarre traps but I still wriggled free of its clutches once again. Some day Deception, we’ll go steady.

Helldivers (PlayStation 4)
The idea of a grueling, highly technical, isometric-shooter-meets-roguelike is really appealing to me. I was waiting to see if it would be a PlayStation Plus “free game” but deep down I know it requires a fully engaged party of online players to succeed and I’m probably never going to find that.

Lara Croft: Rise of the Tomb Raider (Xbox One)
Sure enough, I skipped this one without a thought because it launched the same day as Fallout 4. I’d love to check out Lara’s latest adventure, especially given the praise, but who knows when I’ll get to. Maybe the all-inclusive, GOTY, Hardened, Ultimate, Survival Tomb Edition on PlayStation 4 will release right when I’ve got the free time.


Murasaki Baby (PlayStation Vita)
It’s really sad to own a game you really want to play and just never take the time to play it. Hell, that’s 90% of my Steam library right now. I really should quit my job and full-time it on YouTube for a while just to motivate myself to get through these games. Anyways, Murasaki Baby is ultra weird and does some intriguing things with the Vita’s unique combination of touch and traditional controls. One of these days I really should try it.

Just Cause 3 and Mad Max
Mad Max launched right around Metal Gear Solid V and Just Cause 3 around Fallout 4. There’s just no time for more open world madness in 2015 so both of these are on hold. My main man, Rob, hooked me up with Mad Max on PC so we’ll see how that runs on my laptop someday. Just Cause 3 will most likely be played on a console so the longer they have to polish up its performance issues, the better.

Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture (PlayStation 4)
I was really looking forward to this mysterious “mild apocalypse” exploration game but I wound up giving it a pass. Like The Vanishing of Ethan Carter in 2014 it seemed really appealing at the time but the whole sub-genre is starting to wear thin for me. At least Rapture might be a PS+ freebie one day.

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