It Came From The Collection #14: Nintendo e-Reader Promo Cards & More

Nintendo beat everyone to the punch with DLC, we just didn’t know what to call it back in 2002. Let’s take a look at their promotional pamphlet, all the varieties of cards, and some promotional cards that were given out for free in limited quantities! On this swipe-tastic episode you’ll see:

Air Hockey
NES Donkey Kong Jr.
NES Pinball
Game & Watch Manhole
Animal Crossing town tune, villager, and pattern cards
Pokemon-e: Expedition
Pokemon Channel-e Cards
FoxBox “The Kirby Slide!” tile puzzle
Mario Party-e Promo Card
Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros. 3

Now that we’ve seen the cards themselves, let’s see them in action! Check out some Donkey Kong, Air Hockey, Game & Watch, and more in this bonus follow up video.

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In hopes of bringing something a little more unique to YouTube I started ‘It Came From The Collection‘ to chronicle the gaming ephemera I’ve amassed over the years: flyers and pamphlets, pre-order tchotchkes, toys, posters, and all kinds of marketing paperwork. Follow the series on my channel and check out more of my collection on Instagram.

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