This Week on YouTube: Just Outrunning the Summer

We started things out with an extra summery Summer Series on Saturday featuring Outrun 2 on the original Xbox. Man, I love Outrun but I’m super terrible at playing it well. Anyways, let’s take a Magical Sound Shower together!

Next up is a quick run through Destruction Derby 2, sequel to one of the original PlayStation’s debut titles and a game full of single-minded, masochistic A.I. assholes. These guys are really only out to ruin your day but it makes for some fabulous replays! Things are turning Turbo for the next few weeks now that I paid for a copy of Magic Engine. As a test for performance and recording I spent some time with Aero Blasters, a shooter with a unique history, if not the most unique gameplay.

While I meter out my recordings a little conservatively, Katy is blowing things up on her channel. There’s more Dragon Age 2 and Jewelleria and a whole lot more Sims 3. She has multiple new uploads as she manages the wild and wonderful lives of Katy and Shawn (Part 3, Part 4, Part 5). And there’s much more of her building the world of Style Savvy Trendsetters within The Sims 3 (Part 3, Part 4, Part 5).

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