New Lips songs available soon

Ok I must be too old for Lips.  I like it, especially being able to sing from my Zune songs, but they don’t have much I want to buy.  This new list just makes me sad.

Available Now!

Speed Up – Funkerman

How To Save A Life – The Fray

Swing Life Away – Rise Against

Available on 2/27

The Adventure – Angels and Airwaves

Amber – 311

In The Shadows – The Rasmus

Available on 3/6

Hook Me Up – The Veronicas

Lips of an Angel – Hinder

Shake It – Metro Station

(List from This site Thanks!)

I have heard of some of the bands, but I don’t think I know any of these.

It’s true, I just want a bunch of 80s songs.

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  • I agree, and they totally need more than 3 songs a week. There’s about 18,000,000,000 songs out there and since the game launched we’ve gotten about 50 new ones.

    I appreciate the complexities of licensing songs/lyrics/videos but if you want it to become a successful platform ya gotta make it strong.

  • That’s the problem I’ve had with Guitar Hero World Tour. I’m unfamiliar with a good number of bands/songs in that game. Just give me 80’s and 90’s tunes in my music games. You know, the good stuff we grew up with, not the stuff the kids are into!

  • ShawnS

    That’s the reason I still haven’t played Rock Band 2. It’s awesome that it has another 90 songs or whatever the count is but I looked at ’em and only knew a handful. Yes, importing the songs from RB1 is cool but I don’t need to buy a new game to play those songs.

    I agree with ya both though, they need to remember that a large chunk of the gaming audience is now in their 30’s and some of these hip music games should show us the love!