Crazy Taxi: City Rush might maybe be cool?


HEY MAN! WHY DON’T YOU JUST COME ON DOWN AND MAKE SOME CRAAAAZY MONEY… for Sega. Right? I mean, this “free to download” Crazy Taxi: City Rush just has to be full of in-app purchases, right? Coming soon to Android and iOS, it’s not the “wide variety of adrenaline-fueled missions, wild challenges and unique areas” that worries me, it’s the “customize your cab to increase its power and visual appeal”. It kinda reeks of “pay us money if you want a high score”.

Still, it’s hard to argue with the words of Crazy Taxi creator, Kenji Kanno, who’s back on board for City Rush. “We are delivering a truly fun game that captures everything our fans love about the original and infusing it with several new features to create an even more fantastic and memorable experience.”

I dunno, one of my favorite things about the original was hearing people demand I take them to Kentucky Fried Chicken, not ‘U.S. Attire’. Also, The Offspring. If nothing else, this new announcement has spurned Sega into giving away the iOS and Android port of the original Crazy Taxi so go grab that before they jack the price back up.

Dig out your AR Cards, the 3DS has a new puzzle game

While VR constantly seems on the verge of exploding into the next big thing, AR continues to be a seldom seen diversion. I blame it on cameras: the Vita and 3DS have the worst cameras but that’s where interesting AR games keep happening.

The latest is the one you see above, Bubble Pop World, out now on the 3DS eShop for $4.99. For all the flashy features the video shows they don’t really explain how the main puzzle-popping mechanic works. It seems to be a mix of Bust-a-Move and Poppit! with the ability to move around the 3D model and insert the next colored blob wherever you’d like.

It’s got 120 puzzle and arcade levels built in with the ability to create and share your own via QR codes (another maligned AR technology!) as well as 8 underwater themed minigames. I’ve still got some cash left in my Mario Wallet (or whatever they call it on the eShop); I may have to give this a shot!



HEY! You guys, Katy makes a lot of awesome stuff. LISTEN! She’s on Red Bubble, Storenvy, Etsy, and Gumroad with stickers, cross stitches, shirt designs, jewelry and more.

HEY! This week’s featured item is that delightful sprite of spite, Navi! Link’s eagle-eyed sidekick is back in T-Shirt form to let everyone in your life know it’s time to listen to you! I put it on appropriate green for this image but LISTEN! it’s available now in an array of colors on a variety of shirt styles… HEY!

Minigolf goes to Columbia in Vertiginous Golf


“Vertiginous Golf is a physics-based, first person exploratory mini-golf game, set in an alternate, steampunk-infused world where life on the ground is enveloped in permanent smog, constant darkness and never-ending rain. Players chip and putt their way around courses floating high above the clouds with complex machinery and Victorian-era décor, as they slowly discover what the hell is going on in this peculiar place.”

That’s a helluva thing. While the big news is Vertiginous Golf’s “community driven” debut on Steam Early Access, all I care about is the “exploratory mini-golf”, Burnout-style aftertouch control, and gilded automaton hummingbird. I’ll pass on it for now but I’m keeping my eye out for the “final release” headline.

What’s the deal with golf anyways? It’s the one genre of games I never tire of being completely terrible at.

This Week on YouTube: We’ve got a big alien bug problem

The giant alien bug slaughter rampages on! I finally posted a video of our time with Earth Defense Force 2025 (Katy’s got lots more, and more coming) and set foot in 1941 Java for more N64-style bug slaying in Body Harvest.

Another rampage took place on Tuesday; a rampage of my heart. R-Type Tactics II finally broke me (as I knew it would) on Mission 05. After six attempts I finally understood what was happening and was able to record but the spark has left me. Without being able to read or understand what’s going on there’s not much fun in it for me. This is the last regularly scheduled R-Type Tactics video for the time being.

Katy’s channel continued this week with more installments of Beautiful Katamari, EDF2025, and Minecraft Disney World. On a personal note, she’s also posted a vlog about her history with Kpop.

KatyCraft: Earth Defense Force 2025 Shirts


You guys, Katy makes a lot of awesome stuff. She’s on Red Bubble, Storenvy, Etsy, and Gumroad with stickers, cross stitches, shirt designs, jewelry and more.

This week’s featured item is from Earth Defense Force 2025 which we’re currently obsessed with. She’s got two designs — the one seen above and another that’s more like a logo — each available on a variety of tops in even more colors. Katy says:

Commander: Give me a status report

Troops: The citizens are being attacked by giants insects!

Commander: Attack the giant insects and protect the citizens!

Troops: YES SIR!

- Earth Defense Force 2025

The Earth Defense Force, a unified multinational military sponsored by nearly every country, is founded after detecting an impending alien visit in case the aliens prove to be hostile. In the year 2017, that proved to be true and the EDF fought against the Ravagers, an alien race that attacked Earth with giant insect-like creatures, UFOs, robots, and gigantic, 120 foot tall lizard-like creatures. Eight years after defeating the last Ravager in Arizona, they attack again with new creatures, evolved from their underground nest. Among them is the Retiarius, a spider-like creature which makes gigantic spider-webs, and giant bees. In the year 2025, the EDF must protect the Earth again from the alien invaders. source

I love this game series!!!

This Week on YouTube: Giant Alien Bugs set the tone

I really need to get crackin’ on these recordings but EDF, guys, is so good. I did make time for Spelunky and used XSplit’s new Gamecaster software to telestrate all over City of Gold or Bust! Day 6. I also inched one step closer to that terrifying mission #5 in R-Type Tactics II by posting Mission 04. Last up for me this week was the final mission in Greece in Body Harvest: Pt. 04: Greece, Stage 04 – ALL the Explosions. Now I really need to start recording that one again!

Katy’s kept things a little more lively on her channel. There’s more Beautiful Katamari, our first night with Earth Defense Force 2025, the next part of our Anniversary trip to Minecraft Disney World and another installment of Infinite Undiscovery.

We now have a Forklift Simulator that has Zombie DLC


The next oddly compelling, strangely soothing worktime simulator is upon us and it is the whimsically titled ‘Warehouse and Logistic Manager’ from UIG and app2fun. Out today on Steam for $15 (and 20% off through March 4th), the sim takes the Shenmue forklift minigame to astoundingly realistic heights. Inexplicable controls and vague mission objectives are sure to abound as you try your hand at a job that requires an accredited license in real life.

Oh, and there’s also a $3 DLC pack called Hell’s Warehouse that pits your forklifting skills against armies of the undead. Watch for this one to pop up on your favorite ‘Let’s Play’ YouTube channels soon! … But not mine, I’m too busy with 3DO games.

This Week on YouTube: Our anniversary trip to Minecraft Disney World

It’s finally New Game Season around here which means my YouTube recording schedule is going ignored. Bravely Default and Earth Defense Force 2025 are hogging all my time but I did manage to get a decent assortment of stuff uploaded, at least for one more week.

I hopped into that Titanfall beta on Xbox One and had fun for an hour or so. Multiplayer shooters aren’t my thing anymore so I got bored with the killing and decided to go admire the game’s gorgeously ruined sci-fi world in An Architectural Walking Tour of Titanfall. Tuesday saw a new installment of R-Type Tactics 2, the first mission in the game featuring Bydo units and one that should be familiar to anyone who’s played R-Type Final.

Then things got really weird on Wednesday as I dove into the MegaRace bundle that lifelong friend Auritech gifted me. They’re a pair of turn-of-the-tech, 90’s car combat games held together by the unflinching FMV performance of ChristianErickson. It’s fabulous! Our adventure into Body Harvest continues as well with Part 3. It took me so many tries to get this one recorded so it’s a pretty straight-forward run. Still, there’s plenty of boats and airplanes to see (and nearly crash).

Katy’s got a lot going on over at her channel. There’s three more installments of Beautiful Katamari (02, Collection 02, 03) and Part 5 of Infinite Undiscovery. I sat her down with Jazzpunk, totally sight unseen and we began our anniversary trip to; Minecraft Disney World.

More than Matchmaking: Xbox’s crazy number of services


Microsoft’s Xbox Live Service Status page is a great fist-stop when you’re having problems with anything relating to network activity on an Xbox console. Before you dig into DNS settings or power cycle dusty equipment stashed behind your TV, start by making sure the service itself is working.

It’s also a good place to remind yourself of how many services, apps and features Microsoft provides access to; my finger got tired scrolling through the gargantuan list! There’s the ubiquitous stuff like Netflix, Amazon, and YouTube but amid the sprawling 110 entries are things like Ameba TV, providing curated kids’ entertainment, a handful of anime streaming services, music video repositories, all the streaming radio apps I forgot about, and of course, the Pizza Hut app.

It’s worth looking through if just to remind yourself of all these online services.