Pay honest $$ for Asian music and game soundtracks with these two sites

eggmusicTired of paying ridiculous prices to import CDs from asia? Original Sound Version just posted a couple handy links to JapanFiles and EGG MUSIC, both of which let you pay U.S. moneys for digital downloads of J-Pop, Rock, Electronic, game and anime soundtracks and more. I didn’t find much of interest on either site but I love that the product is available in single-serving iTunes fashion and hope these catalogs continue to grow.

Japan Files, which is a 100% english site, offers a wide range of acts like Girugamesh, Hangry & Angry, and Aya Matsuura while EGG MUSIC, which you’ll have to navigate in Japanese with a little help provided here, mostly specializes in old Japanese game music. We’re talkin’ PC Engine and X68000 stuff which, sadly, I know almost nothing of. It’s good chiptune-ish music though and the album arts are mostly amazing like the collection I coddled together above. Both sites are worth looking into if you’ve ever felt compelled to pay honest money for some of the more obscure music you enjoy.

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