ActiveMinute for the week of February 21st

Invariably, once I turn something into a regular feature things get all screwy. Between some really bad food, a massive move-everything-in-the-store project and a recurring stomach problem I’ve had to put #ActiveMinute on hold since last Saturday. Hopefully just a few more days and I’ll be back up to average able-bodied-ness and ready to flail around some more! Here’s the latest update:

  • Feb 21st #ActiveMin Dance Central continues to bum me out. Rote memorization is not my idea of funtime. I’ll keep saying this until the sequel.
  • Feb 22nd Back to DanceMasters demo for a fast #ActiveMin as my arms are sore from allergy shots today. I’m now up to AA score on Geisha’s Dream
  • Feb 24th Kinect Adventures for #ActiveMin is KILLING ME with the Reflex Ridge! I’ve given up jumping because it can’t register quick enough
  • Feb 26th Last min. #ActiveMin with Kinect Adventures. tearin’ through those challenges but loads more to do! Still haven’t played online w/ anyone.
  • Feb 27th ShawnS52 Skipping #ActiveMin all weekend because work was more than enough exertion. Super sore and aching knee/back.

Though the logo may be heavy on Kinect, ActiveMinute is my attempt to justify all motion gaming peripherals I’ve collected over the years and get a little more physical activity into my day. Sessions last for only a few minutes and are chronicled on Twitter with the hashtag #ActiveMin. I’ll post a weekly roundup here so feel free to follow along, comment or join in yourself. Just use that hashtag!

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