ActiveMinute for the week of February 14th

  • Feb 14th #ActiveMin was going to be Body & Brain demo but it lasted all of 1 minute so I went back to Kinect Adventures.
  • Feb 15th #ActiveMin surprise yesterday when I found Just Dance hidden inside Rabbids: Travels in Time! Nice to play that again for a few.
  • Feb 16th Switched to Your Shape for #ActiveMin today. Broke 300 calories burned but still working on Gym Game high scores. Flakiest Kinect game?
  • Feb 17th Realized doing #ActiveMin today that yesterday’s hula hoop session “engaged” my obliques. And by engage I mean obliterated! SORE today!!
  • Feb 18th Today’s #ActiveMin was decidedly old school. I vacuumed the apartment and that was plenty of exertion after the ab killing hula hoop!
  • Feb 20th Retro #ActiveMin today with EyeToy Groove on PS2. The camera still doesn’t work right but it remains a lot of stupid, arm-fatiguing fun!

Though the logo may be heavy on Kinect, ActiveMinute is my attempt to justify all motion gaming peripherals I’ve collected over the years and get a little more physical activity into my day. Sessions last for only a few minutes and are chronicled on Twitter with the hashtag #ActiveMin. I’ll post a weekly roundup here so feel free to follow along, comment or join in yourself. Just use that hashtag!

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