The Relevant Tweets: Afrika (PS3)

The Relevant Tweets represents all my micro-blogging status updates pertaining to a single game or topic, collected at key moments and patched together here as a timeline. I usually do this when I’ve finished a game but seeing how Afrika is one of those long, slow burns and now that I’ve finished the main missions and will probably be spending less time with the game, I thought I’d throw this together.

Oct 16th – I’ve waited four years. Why am I so broken hearted to hear that Afrika continues to be out of reach?

Nov 5th – Everything about Afrika is slow. Takes 5 min. to load each time, saving games takes nearly as long. But it’s pleasant like Endless Ocean…

Nov 5th – Busy night in Afrika. Got mauled a few times. Got some good shots though. Just like real life only it’d be photos of toys/cats. Later!

Nov 6th – Oh Afrika. Why couldn’t you have made it out here 3 years ago when you would’ve looked good? Still enjoying it but man, is it clunky

Nov 8th – This is where I am right now. Where the heavens touch the earth!

Nov 16th – Back in Afrika for a bit. I’m a busy photographer. Still wish it weren’t so clunky though.

Dec 21st – @Victor_Lucas finished Batman: Arkham Asylum (finally!) and PixelJunk Shooter. Wrapped it up with some Afrika. Sucker for photo sim = me.

Dec 23rd – Oh Afrika. I could get so much more done if you didn’t take AGES to load AND save. Still fun, just a slow, slow, slow burn of a game.

Jan 3rd – Waiting for a vulture and a stork to land near each other AND in front of my camera. EPIC!!!

Jan 11th – Wow, I think I just finished Afrika. But I didn’t save so I can do “final” mission over again. And get better pics of the Barbary Lion!

Jan 13th – Finished Afrika. Still mysteriously incomplete trophies/assignments. No clue what to do but I hope it doesn’t require a 2nd playthrough!

Jan 18th – @NowGamer_Dan ha! I totally know what one is thanks toAfrika! I took many a pretend picture of a sleepy pangolin!


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