Active Minute No.7: Public Sweat Show

Did Carnival Games: Monkey See, Monkey Do totally put me off of motion gaming? Not at all! I’ve just been so exhausted these past couple weeks to tweet because Katy and I have spent an impressive number of hours (and dollars, and calories) hopping around our local Pump it Up machine. Located at Dave & Buster’s, it’s the same old machine I’ve been dancing on pretty regularly since 2001. They’ve updated the monitor a couple of times and the software a surprising number of times given that only a handful of us regulars pump money into it.

The latest version — Pump it Up 2011 Fiesta EX — includes several songs from some of our favorite modern k-pop groups. In previous versions it’s been 90’s/early 00’s k-pop that I’m more familiar with leaving Katy without much context, or enthusiasm. I do like the new stuff but wept a single (but powerful) nostalgic tear at the sight of all my returning favorites. New modes, lots of custom play options and an insane 350 songs to choose from has us far too eager to throw away our money getting sweaty at a very public arcade.

Active gaming. Not for the self conscious.

Though the logo may be heavy on Kinect, ActiveMinute is my attempt to justify all motion gaming peripherals I’ve collected over the years and get a little more physical activity into my day. Sessions last for only a few minutes and are chronicled on Twitter with the hashtag #ActiveMin. I’ll post a frequent recap here but feel free to follow along, comment or join in yourself. Just use that hashtag!

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