I got my $10 parting gift from Sony


I finally turned on the PS3 again and found my “loyal customer” payoff waiting. Sony started giving out these $5 and $10 bonuses last week and I had a feeling it was some kind of pre-event damage control. With the news that current PSN games won’t be playable on PlayStation 4 I can’t help but feel justified by that assumption.

It’s like Sony saying “sorry guys, have one last game on us” or “at least when you get a PS4 you’ll have $10 to spend”. I appreciate it and will gladly spend it but I’m suddenly terrified of downloading anything for our current consoles. I’ve got plenty of things plugged into the TV as is and was really hoping I wouldn’t need to keep a PS3 at the ready right next to a PS4. Ah well, thanks for the bucks anyhow, Sony!

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