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Scurry for Your Life at the feet of Godzilla and Ultraman Battles


In news that can only be classified as “100% Shawn Approved”, the makers of classic, quirky disaster survival games (now working at Granzella Inc.) have revealed new details on two projects in the pages of Famitsu magazine. For starters, the Disaster Report title for PlayStation 3 that was canceled out of solidarity after Japan’s Tohoku earthquake is back in development. ‘Disaster Report 4 Plus: Summer Memories’ has been brought over to PlayStation 4 where it was already looking super slick in this teaser from November 2015.

In metaphorically bigger news is ‘Project: City Shrouded in Shadow’ for PlayStation 4 and Vita. It’s another disaster survival title but with a big twist: instead of natural disasters, you’re surviving battles between Ultraman, Godzilla and possibly some other Japanese movie monsters! It’s a fantastic setup that will assuredly add some wrinkles to the gameplay of Disaster Report and Raw Danger. Take a look at some scans over at DualShockers and check out the original teaser trailer. Or do like me and begin endlessly refreshing the official site for the next update.

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