Last Week on YouTube: Glorious 90’s Commercials Return

More like Last Week on YouTube, right?! Things have been a bit busy around here and just as the dust was settling I got way too sick on Friday to try and put strings of words together to form this post.

Last week was the beginning of a series of weekly uploads to bring some of my oldest videos back online. In updating GameLuv I found several videos from years ago that were hosted on Viddler. I used Viddler because back then YouTube wasn’t as ubiquitous as it is today and I had stuff that was longer than they allowed me to upload. It’s all coming to YouTube now, though, starting with a commercial for the Double Dragon cartoon, a commercial for Army Men Sarge’s Heroes, and a Digital Pictures promo tape explaining how crazy cool FMV games are.

I’ve got a couple of these old school videos scheduled to go up each Monday, Wednesday and Friday for the next few weeks. I’ve also got loads of clips and footage from E3 2001 (the last one I attended) that I’ll probably queue up in June. Tuesdays and Thursdays remain the days I’ll be putting up my own stuff.

Katy got a new webcam that she’s rigged up to make recording DS/3DS games more comfortable and cleaner. She’s been posting Girls Fashion Shoot and Picross videos as well as continuing her casual games series with more Jo’s Dream Organic Coffee. She’s also getting some more of our time with Earth Defense Force 2025 uploaded.

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