Nintendo’s Many Video Game References to Hanafuda (and Karuta)

I really doubt this list is complete, though I did my best to include as much as I could. If I find more stuff I’ll add it, and feel free to leave a comment if you can think of anything yourself!
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Appearances in Nintendo Games

Game Boy Camera Japanese version has this picture in the B Album

Pikmin 2 had you collecting real-life items, including a hanafuda deck

Hanafuda is available to play in both Clubhouse Games …games (as well as Clubhouse Games Express: Strategy Pack and the Japan only like, reduced version of clubhouse games called Daredemo Asobi Taizen). In the DS versions, it is called Koi-Koi, as that is the actual name of the game, and hanafuda is the name of the cards.

On the main menu for Daredemo Asobi Taizen there is a hanafuda card, but in Clubhouse Games and the Japanese re-release, there are not:


The Japanese and Korean versions of Clubhouse Games Express: Strategy Pack both include hanafuda cards in their DSi menu icons (The North American and European versions have different games in them):

Both from

This card shows up in Quite Puzzled microgame from the Japanese version of WarioWare: Touched! (It was replaced by a western playing card in the international versions)

SimCity DS – The Bowser Castle landmark can be unlocked by entering the word “Hanafuda” on the password screen –

Tomodachi Collection – Is a treasure your Mii can give to you

Club Nintendo Picross Extra Puzzle 14 is some Hanafuda cards! Huge thanks to u/SuperNinjiGalaxy for pointing this out!

Super Mario Maker has a placeable bird chirping sound effect, complete with hanafuda imagery! Huge thanks to my friend Deadweight for pointing this out!

There were a bunch of Hanafuda items added to Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

In Super Mario Odyssey, Bowser’s Kingdom Sticker features some Mario themed hanafuda cards. Also its industry is hanafuda cards according to the in-game map –

The Nintendo Labo Variety Kit house has this picture of Napoleon from one of Nintendo’s hanafuda deck boxes

One of 9-Volt’s microgames in WarioWare Gold is based on hanafuda

These hanggliders in Mario Kart Tour are based on a real deck Nintendo produced, see below

Pikmin Bloom

Though for some strange reason Nintendo calls them “Flower Cards” (which is what hanafuda literally translates to) in the game and promo stuff
Huge thanks to u/Pokewatch104 for all these pictures!
Huge thanks to u/Pokewatch104 for all these pictures!
Huge thanks to u/Pokewatch104 for all these pictures!
Huge thanks to u/Pokewatch104 for all these pictures!

In March 2024 they added more types!


Plus some Mii outfits


Some of the Pikmin Bloom real-life events they held (, had hanafuda on the event decorations (in this photo it’s to the left of the Switch Logo):


Pikmin 4’s Talisman of Life series

Left to right: Talisman of Life (Crane), Talisman of Life (Cherry Blossom), Talisman of Life (Moon), Talisman of Life (Rain), Talisman of Life (Phoenix)

Pikmin Finder – Talisman of Life (Crane) just like in Pikmin 4

Digital Appearances in Other Nintendo Stuff

Nintendo Kōshiki Guidebook Dōbutsu no Mori+  任天堂公式ガイドブック どうぶつの森+ has this design called Anoyoroshi, the name of the card

From, thank you so much for documenting this!

Streetpass Mii Plaza got a hanafuda themed speech bubble

Swapnote got hanafuda themed stationery

There were also four hanafuda 3DS themes (plus a Nintendo history one)
Hanafuda –

Mario Hanafuda – (I love the Mario theme remix here : )

Club Nintendo Hanafuda –

Pokémon Hanafuda –

Tokaigi 2015 “Nintendojo” Original Theme – 闘会議2015「任天道場」オリジナルテーマ – There was a special event called Tokaigi 2015 Nintendojo where if you beat one Dojo Master you won this exclusive theme! For more info (in Japanese) about this event check out

Nintendo’s Line Account made this calendar for January 2016, and used the other image for their background that month

both from,_Ltd.%27s_LINE_account

Nintendo Japan wallpapers

The Super Mario Bros. Movie has a small reference to hanafuda by naming a street “Hanfuda Ave” on the map used in the in-movie promotional video

And then to get a little meta the guidebook to The Super Mario Bros. Movie that Nintendo put out also references hanafuda… by talking about this easter egg, which is how I found out about it

On the Pikmin Garden Let’s Try web page, they added a hanafuda-themed colouring page in April 2024.

Real-life Hanafuda Merchandise

The Game Boy Micro got a hanafuda faceplate

And so did our other faceplate wearing system, the new 3DS!

Hanafuda themed keychains that you got from pre-ordering Giftpia in Japan

Nintendo Company Guide 2006 – Thanks Naveed!


Nintendo Company Guides 2014, 2015, 2019 Huge thanks to for documenting these!!

The entire 2014 book is based around hanafuda with many of Nintendo’s old toys drawn in hanafuda art, I highly recommend checking out the post at to see all the photos! Here’s a sample

2015 –
2019 –

My Nintendo Europe offered postcards based on the Napoleon Mario deck (they also sold the deck itself at the same time)

Nintendo themed Hanafuda Decks

You can find a list of hanafuda decks that Nintendo has produced here:

Of course, the best ones are the video game themed ones
We have the Mario Napoleon set

Better images at that link also pointed out these two promo images that have teeny little hanafuda cards, what a treat

The box

Pokémon hanafuda deck – this set also got heavily merchandised with keychains, pins, and coasters

This set of Pokémon x Mario cards
This picture took me 30 minutes to find

Kirby also got a Hanafuda set ^^

Finally, Club Nintendo offered another set of Mario themed hanafuda cards – This set is unlockable to use in Clubhouse Games 51 Worldwide Classics!


In Kirby Super Star Ultra there is a sub-game based on karuta card games, a different kind of Japanese playing card

There was a first party DS game based on the karuta card game uta-garuta called Touch de Tanoshimu Hyakunin-Isshu: DS Shigureden
(thanks Torchickens 💚)

Its DS menu icon also features the cards! Very cute 🙂


Club Nintendo Japan made an Animal crossing Karuta deck

In Club Nintendo Picross Plus, puzzle 94 is Hyakunin Isshu, a type of karuta

On 13 August 2023 Nintendo of Europe posted this photo to their social media accounts which has a sneaky hanafuda card on the shelf in the background! Thank you siderinc for showing me! How fun 🙂

More resources for the exceptionally interested

For more general information about hanafuda and where it’s showed up in video games over the years (and where I got a lot of info from)

Both NoA and NoE have PDFs of how to play Koi-koi currently up on their websites: – NoA – NoE

Play Nintendo Japan got a short webcomic about hanafuda

It has this cute art of Mario and Toad playing!

If you’re interested in Nintendo’s history with card games in general I recommend this post!

If you enjoy this stuff, I personally loved reading the Wikipedia article about karuta, which explains the many kinds of Japanese card games and where they came from : D

There’s a bunch of not Nintendo hanafuda video games floating around too, I’m not that concerned with them, but you can find lists here or here if you’re interested though. I support that decision.

Bonus non-Nintendo hanafuda sighting (this is my list I make the exceptions): The Hatsune Miku Project Diva games that have Close, Open, Demons and the Dead – In the music video, there are hanafuda cards scattered on the ground

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