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City Shrouded in Shadow continues to look Awesome & Weird

I’m equal parts excited and disappointed about Granzella’s upcoming City Shrouded in Shadow. Excited that the team of IREM refugees have found a way to continue the Disaster Report legacy without relying on natural disasters. Disappointed that the solution is to have the city invaded by giant monsters of the trademarked variety.

Given the niche nature of the gameplay and the complexity of licensing Evangelion, Godzilla, Ultraman, and now Gundam (?!) (Sorry, I can’t distinguish between giant mecha) it’s almost totally unlikely we’ll see the game outside Japan. Maybe, maybe, maaaaaybe Namco will be gracious enough to bring it over but for now all I can do is watch this latest trailer, and  ✨ d * r ` ea ~ m

Namco unleashes its IP for new Japan-exclusive goods

Namco unleashes its IP for new Japan-exclusive goods

Ready for a summer of fawning, heartbreak, and resisting the urge to import more junk? Then Namco’s got the goods to tempt your resolve this year! They recently announced a collaboration with Japanese goods-maker Tokyo Pixel that will see all kinds of Namco Museum products released through late July and August. Take a look at the official site where the latest products are up for pre-order and some are already available to buy.

Below is a little gallery of some of my favorites. Given the chance (and potentially unlimited money) which ones would you pick up?


I did not expect to play through Apocalypse in 2017


I’ve got a lot of games I’ve never played (just like everybody else) and the backlog shelf has been swelling over the last two years. So I finally set out to record some new Just Checkin’ videos where I at least boot them up to make sure the discs work. I managed to get one game out of the way before stumbling into a morning session with Apocalypse, otherwise known as The Bruce Willis Game.

I had written it off after playing the demos they put out before the game’s release but here in 2017 I found it quite playable and even clever in spots, if mindless and repetitive. The game is short and fairly easy up until the final boss fight and gave me plenty of time to soak in the weird 90’s aesthetics.

Willis’ character, Trey Kincaid, was originally intended to be the player’s sidekick but his involvement dwindled during production and he eventually took the starring role. So not only are his lines the most typical gung-ho battle cries, it’s a little fourth-wall breaking due to the change in roles. And the immortal line, “strap one on, it’s time to jam!!” still confuses me to this day.


Things really get interesting in the final level where Trey assaults the White House which is surrounded by a moat of lava and is filled with fire-spewing politicians in suits. The final battle with The Reverend starts in the oval office and expands to an arena of stone and flesh stitched together around the Seal of the President. It feels more fitting today than it ever did in the 90’s.

The episodes are rolling out every three days through July 12th and end with some bonus content and stuff I dug up on the disc. You can follow along with the playlist above or subscribe and catch all of my random videos.

FFXIV Stormblood: Please Get Off the Server. Now.


Stormblood launched officially on the 20th, though people who pre-ordered could get in as early as the 16th. I’m really happy I chose to jump ship from a highly populated server to a saner one last month because old gaming buddies weren’t shy about showing off their screenshots of 2k+ queues. Those screenshots brought back really bad memories of WoW’s launch where you’d wait pretty much all week just to log in and play before you were randomly disconnected. Yay, MMORPG launches.


Get your music purchases from Loudr by June 30th

Get your music purchases from Loudr by June 30th

I realize this may be a little late to be terribly helpful but if you ever bought any music from Loudr you should probably dig up your password and download it now. Like today… as long as today is June 30th, 2017 or earlier.

Way back in December the site announced they were getting out of selling digital music in order to rebrand and focus on music licensing and distribution. They’re still helping independent artists make rad video game covers, they just aren’t selling them directly.

Purchases from the site ended on January 31st but they’ve given people a solid 5 months to get in and grab their goods. So get in and download your music (or export to Dropbox, that’s a super handy feature!) as soon as you can!