South Koreans can ‘just dance’ with K-Pop Dance Festival on the Wii


UPDATE 07/26/2017: K-Pop Dance Festival never got a U.S. release but at E3 2017 Ubisoft announced that Hyuna’s “Bubble Pop” will be featured in Just Dance 2018. Hatsune Miku’s “Love Ward” will also be in the roster and there’s still time for more international artists to be added to the game before its release on October 24th. Check out more details here. The original post follows:

Seeing how Katy’s open plea to Harmonix to make a K-Pop Dance Central continues to be one of our most active posts I figured it was our civic duty to talk about K-Pop Dance Festival. Developed by Skonec, it’s a very Just Dance-like game with vividly colored live action dancers showing you the moves to mimic with the Wii remote.

It was released exclusively in Korea for the Wii at the end of April and I expected to buy it as soon as it popped up on Amazon or Play-Asia… only it never did. I dug around again this morning and haven’t been able to find it anywhere outside of a lone listing on eBay at $50. Then I dug a little more and was reminded that the Wii is region locked.

That makes for a pretty hefty barrier to entry but we can at least check out the tracklist below and Skonec has been posting videos pretty regularly on their YouTube channel of the songs in the game and people playing it.

2010 and newer

  • “Gangnam Style” from Psy
  • “1, 2, 3, 4? from Lee Hi
  • “Beautiful Night” from Beast
  • “Fantastic Baby” from BigBang
  • “You and I” from IU
  • “Shanghai Romance” from Orange Caramel
  • “Apgujeong Nallari” from Sagging Snail(Lee Juck, Yoo Jae-Seok)
  • “Shake It” from Chulssa(Noh Hong-chul, PSY)
  • “Roly Poly” from T-ARA
  • “Ma Boy” from SISTAR19
  • “Supa Dupa Diva” from Dal Shabet
  • “Shy Boy” from Secret
  • “I Don’t Care” from 2NE1


  • “Mister” from Kara
  • “Superman” from Norazo
  • “Nobody” from Wonder Girls
  • “Look only at Me“ from Taeyang
  • “10 Minutes” from Lee Hyo Ri


  • “Festival” from Uhm Jung hwa
  • “To my Boyfriend” from Fin.K.L.
  • “Tell Me” from Jinusean
  • “Honey” from JYP
  • “Kungttali Syabala” from Clon
  • “In Summer” from Deux
  • “I Know” from Seo Taiji and Boys


  • “Last Night Story” from So Bang Cha


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