Bandcamping: Hellhound by Truxton

I’ve been visiting Bandcamp for years but I swear I never pay attention to the site. I don’t know when they added user profiles but I just recently made my own. Then, just today, I clicked the “share” button and found out I could’ve been embedding all this awesome music directly into the site! For my first offering I’d like to share HELLHOUND by Truxton. I don’t know much about him but his music is incredible. This album in particular is a hyper mish-mash of familiar video game tunes and pop music samples all punched up with bass and beats. Maybe he explains it better:

“HELLHOUND” contains many samples by an incredible amount of musicians that have served as some sort of inspiration to me. They have influenced my writing, my production, and my life. a number of them have changed culture immensely. Whether or
not you are a fan of the following artists, musicians, lyricists, performers, or producers, their work should be respected, as it is irreplacable as part of “HELLHOUND” and as my life and popular culture.

Check out the player below to listen to the entire album and, in this case, use the Download button to grab the whole thing for free!

[iframe src=”<iframe style=”border: 0; width: 540px; height: 820px;” src=”” seamless><a href=””>HELLHOUND by Truxton</a></iframe>”]

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