1995 PlayStation Promo Tape 📺


Five minutes isn’t long but Sony managed to cram 20 “launch window” PlayStation games into that time. Take a look at this 1995 PlayStation promo tape that led up to the console’s launch in the U.S.

🎆 Featuring:
Battle Arena Toshinden
Ridge Racer
Air Combat
PGA Tour Invitational
Jumping Flash!
ESPN Extreme Games
Kileak: The DNA Imperative
Mortal Kombat 3
WWF Wrestlemania
NBA Jam Tournament Edition
Total Eclipse Turbo
Madden NFL ’96
Twisted Metal
NFL Gameday
NHL Face Off
Destruction Derby

📺 About the Show 📺
It Came From The Collection -TV- is a supplemental series to my hands-on videos. These clips, commercials, and programs go live every Saturday morning to recapture the spirit of the legendary cartoon lineups and laser-focused marketing aimed at young minds. I’ve tried to clean up the picture and sound, and render them at 1080p for a more viewable presentation. ICFTC -TV- ! Part of a nutritious breakfast!

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