Learn about fonts, play as a colon for less than $3


Do you like fonts? I realize that’s a somewhat odd thing to ask in regards to a video game but if you do it’s worth checking out IndieRoyale’s new bundle this week. Type:Rider takes you on a pleasant walking tour of typographic history by way of a 2D platformer. You play as an animated colon → : ← so the momentum of movement sometimes sends you in directions you didn’t expect but it’s forgiving and interesting. It was a game I discovered in last year’s IGF and finally got to play through in 2014.

If that’s too lame the bundle also includes Raiden Legacy: The Return, a compilation of the top-down shooter’s early entries. And then there’s also eight more games, most of which I’m not very familiar with. All for $2.23, all redeemable on Steam and, heck, five of them even have trading cards to sell off.

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