Aquanaut’s Holiday for PlayStation 3 Official!

While most geeks are still geeking out over the Diablo/Warcraft news, I’m geeking out over the confirmation that ArtDink and Sony have teamed up once again for a new Aquanaut’s Holiday on PlayStation 3. To be released this September in Japan, this long-overdue sequel looks like much more of a game than the original. Using giant colored blocks that look like Jell-O to simulate building a coral reef while trapped in an underwater capsule always felt a bit limiting, despite having a whole ocean to swim around in.

This new one looks much more playable with a message log (possibly used to get mission requests from islanders) and what appears to be two ways to explore the depths. You’ll probably scuba dive near the surface but you can also take the Dolphin02 submersible for a deep sea spin which features sonar, a map, and other familiar gameplay elements.

Between Afrika, PixelJunk Eden, LittleBigPlanet, Shiki-Tei (the gardening game) and Aquanaut’s Holiday the PS3 is quickly becoming the console with the most interesting games. Well, the most interesting games to me, personally. Let’s see if E3 sways my interests back to the 360 or Wii.