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Beats: David and Dewey do Starman (Pt. 2)

I’ve got a double feature today to make up for missing a post last week and both versions are great (had to make 2 posts though so the PSP grabs ’em both). First up is the original, David Bowie’s Starman, a mellow glam rock track with whimsical sci-fi lyrics and soulful guitars and strings. Then there’s Dewey Cox’s disco cover sung by John C. Reiley in the music biopic parody Walk Hard. Surprisingly, the outer space lyrics seem a perfect match for the disco sounds and the lounge vocals.

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Beats: Kinky’s Mas

For those who caught the 2003 drama Thirteen you may remember this song but I’m guessing most of you will recognize it as “that one song you hear sometimes when you steal a car in Crackdown”. I’ve yet to track down a Kinky album but this song has always been a favorite of mine with its bassy beats and hispanic flare. Just play long enough to get past the introductory humming and it really takes off.

Beats: Yumiko Cheng’s Arabic Market

Yumiko is one of my favorite Chinese singers. She’s got a lot of songs that I’d describe as “Creep Pop”, a sort of mix of typical pop designs with sci-fi-esque melodies and soft back bass beats. This song, despite being titled Arabic Market, has that same feel mixed with an appropriately Arabic sound. It’s also one of the few songs I can comfortably pass on Extreme difficulty so it gets featured today for helping plump up my ego.

Beats: They Might Be Giants’ Dr. Worm

Beats Go On is going to become my own personal mobile Best Hits at this rate. I couldn’t help it today though, Doctor Worm is possibly the happiest, catchiest song I know and Beats just makes it more fun to tap along with. Extreme is a little disjointed but Hard difficulty felt just right.

Beats: Hazmat Modine’s Bahamut

The patterns are great on Extreme difficulty and alternate between the music and lyrics for a fun play. The song itself is about as nerdy as the band gets, whipping up a  bluesy, swing-y tune about the legendary beasts Bahamut and Behemoth (not quite in Final Fantasy form here). It’s also pretty long and has a great storytelling breakdown before the climax.