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Out of town but don’t you put us out of mind!

Hey! Didn’t we do this just over a year ago? We sure did, only this time it’s for our Honeymoon and should also be a much, much more relaxed trip. No 14 hour marathon sightseeing sessions and plenty of off-property exploration as we’re driving down this time! There’s at least a few vegan restaurants that sound incredible that we can’t miss and we might even find a way into The Wizarding World of Harry Potter while we’re near Universal Studios!

Don’t abandon the site just yet though! I’ve scheduled a heaping helping of Name of the Game quiz posts that should pop up every morning (EST) and sometimes even twice a day! Maxx and Auritech have the keys now so bug them for new podcasts and posts because where we’re going, we don’t need, roads! … Oh crap, yes we do! YES WE DO!!!!

Alice in Wonderland on DS puts another spin on the classic story

What’s with all this DS news? A fluke, I’m sure, as this one is really only interesting for its radical interpretation of the already-radical interpretation of the original Alice in Wonderland by Tim Burton. Admitting that there’s no way for the DS to match the visual madness of the upcoming film’s style, Disney and developer Etranges Bibellules have given the story another visual makeover turning it into a kind of Raving Rabbids-esque anime amalgamation. The game itself looks like like it might play like Out of This World or, maybe more appropriately, Abe’s Oddyssey. That is to say, I’m not too interested but the artwork looks awesome!

In related news, it turns out Etranges Bibellules is the same French developer that created the insanity that is Asterix & Obelix XXL2: Mission Las Vegum that sees the beloved Gauls parodying almost every game ever made. Seriously, it’s nuts, check out the video on their site. My hunt for this game (and a way to play it) has been reignited!!