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E3: Splosion Man first to offer Avatar Accessories this Summer?

e309-splosionmanMicrosoft teased us with an Avatar Marketplace at their press conference Monday, saying that it would be available this fall alongside game-exclusive Avatar accessories, but a new Xbox.com game page may have revealed that it’s a little closer than expected. Being the generous, caring developers that they are, Twisted Pixel has been sure to reward players with more than just Achievements and downloadable content for their games, throwing in exclusive themes and gamerpics to boot.

Their latest game, Splosion Man, one of this Summer’s Xbox Live Arcade releases, may be the first to dish out exclusive accessories for our Avatars. There’s still no official release date but it’ll definitely be out this Summer and that’s a whole lot closer than Fall when it comes to shiny new things to stick in our Avatars’ hands.

E3: A Revealing Look at Xbox 360’s Natal


Since I’m stuck offline at work all day during the show I was sure to fill up my laptop this morning with all the E3 PR assets I could download to pour over with my undivided lunch break time. I came across this image which is much much larger and shows the girl (Gabrielle? Can’t remember her name) showing off the Ricochet demo.

What I didn’t notice in the tiny live stream I was watching yesterday was just how massive the Natal display was. This thing looks like a home theatre setup from 1991 but it seems, upon closer scrutiny, that it’s all Natal. Most obvious at top left is a camera/sensor rig that looks like Johnny 5’s head from Short Circuit, not the sleek black bar we’ve seen in the promo videos thus far. To the right is a much harder to see jumble of cables and possibly more sensor hardware, and then there’s the massive bar below the TV. I couldn’t pull out any detail (because look how great I did with the righthand enhancement) but I can only assume it’s more hardware required to make Natal work.

But we all know it’s legit because the thing was right there, working almost flawlessly in front of thousands. This photo just goes to show there’s a long, long road to a retail release for Microsoft. A year? A year and a half? When they said it’d be compatible with all future consoles do you think they were implying that Natal may not happen ’til the next generation? However long it takes I can’t wait to see what happens next!

E3: This is how I do E3


Digsby windows open with Maxx and Auritech, a Ping.fm chatbot, Winamp, Hootsuite, and a pop out live stream. I am ready for this Microsoft conference! Click for full sized detail.

E3: Lego Harry Potter Years 1-4; Why do I care!?

It took about 4 levels of Lego Star Wars II for me to call it quits on the entirely of the Lego PopularThing series. I never finished the game and I have completely ignored both Lego Batman and Indiana Jones, but for some reason I’m drawn to Lego Harry Potter. Maybe because it’s been rumored for so long and everyone’s been so sheepish about confirming it, or maybe it just makes more sense to me than even the massive history of Batman going brick-ish. Either way, here’s your first glimpse of the game (I can’t get the video online due to technicalities but I’ll link back later There it is! Up top!), not looking much different than any other Lego PopularThing title really. We’ll be scouring the world of Harry Potter in search of Lego studs Voldemort sometime next year, and though they didn’t confirm, you can expect it on every platform imaginable.