KatyCraft: MMObsession now in T-Shirt Form!


You guys, Katy makes a lot of awesome stuff. She’s on Red Bubble, Storenvy, Etsy, and Gumroad with stickers, cross stitches, shirt designs, jewelry and more. It’s not all video game related either, she’s got your fandoms covered! To pass the time before we begin our dark descent into ArcheAge, Katy created a few Founder t-shirt designs to flaunt your own MMObsession. There’s one for each tier of the Founder program with the in-game title emblazoned on the shirt with its requisite bonus glider swooping by.

Argh, I really wanna play more ArcheAge!

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  • I wanna play more too!! I wish I had the shirt right now so maybe people would come up to me to talk about ArcheAge since I can’t play it for two days.