OF 2022: The Nintendo Stuff

‘Of 20XX’ is my attempt to look back and catalog the previous year of gaming in my life. I haven’t done the “Best Of” category stuff in a long time so what you’ll find over this week is a recounting of what I played in 2022 with a mini review or personal anecdote for each starting with today’s focus on Nintendo.

Sorry Mario, I’m not paying a recurring subscription fee for access to a sub-selection of games that may or may not be available at any given moment. What time I spent with Nintendo platforms in 2022 was all from the past and will feature more prominently in my upcoming Retro post.

I will say I got a good laugh landing at the Nintendo Switch Year in Review 2022 page. I thought I’d played *something* on Switch this year but clearly not. They didn’t even come up with a cute graphic for people like me, just a plain text error message. I added the semi-judgy Mario to the image above, it seemed appropriate.

I promise the rest of the week’s posts provide much more content.