Loewe introduces lo-res, hi-priced fashion in Spring/Summer 23 collection

As a regular reporter of video game related fashion, it is my duty to tell you about this absurdly expensive and ridiculous looking line of apparel from Spanish brand, Loewe. The eight items are part of Loewe’s new SS23 collection and claim to ‘decontextualise the digital world’ and “create a real world glitch”.

I appreciate the idea and love the lo-res 90s aesthetic but I can’t say I’ve ever wanted to dress the part of a PS1 game. The tops are also incredibly bulky looking at least on the lithe runway models. The pants though, that’s tempting and pair-able with any number of nerdy T-shirts that don’t cost over $1,000. And that’s not a glitch. As high fashion designer items each costs over one actual thousand U.S. dollars except for the skirt and T-shirt which are still several hundred dollars.

So have a look at the items on Loewe’s website or in the gallery below because you’re probably not going to ever see this stuff in real life.